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Brant Daugherty talks about Dakota, Jamie and "Fifty Shades" with Variety

From 21:57 to 24:40

New Instagram Pictures of Dakota at NeueHouse Hollywood on August 25th, 2016!!!

@laura_albert#premiere #jtleroy#jtleroyforever #jtleroymovie blessed being around beings who are luminous from within

@laura_albert: Lovely meeting Dakota - thank you for shinning on me, very moving, taking it in. 🙏🏼#premiere#jtleroymovie #jtleroy

At the 'Author: The JT Leroy Story' Premiere on August 25th, 2016 in Los Angeles.

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Possible Location for "Suspiria" Remake

First Article:

It’s still not confirmed but there’s a good chance that the remake of Suspiria, historical horror movie by Dario Argento, will be shot in Varese, more precisely at the Hotel Campo dei Fiori. Luca Guadagnino, Italian director that gathered much success through the years in the United Stated with ‘I am Love’ and then directed an international cast in ‘A Bigger Splash’, will direct the remake, movie that will be released after forty years from the original one. First Sun, the director himself and other American productions will produce the movie and it’ll have Hollywood star Dakota Johnson, mostly known for her role in Fifty Shades of Grey, and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton, already present in Luca’s previous works.

But why pick Varese to shoot the remake of Suspiria?

The original movie is inspired by Thomas de Quincey’s novel, which has a very liberty sort of style. The garden city itself, from this point of view, is a true gem that has held the most overlooked treasures in the Hotel Campo dei Fiori for the longest of time.

“We’ve been contacted by the movie production which asked if they could use some rooms in the hotel, which will have to be prepared before the shooting begins,” said Ezio Romani, managing director and owner of the structure, la Alton II, along with GHP srl. “We haven’t signed anything yet but we believe everything will be defined by the middle of September.”

The crew, cast and director should come to town in October and stay until the shooting will be over, maybe until the end of 2016. They will not be staying in the hotel but the rooms will be crafted and changed based on the movie’s needs, considering it’ll be set in the ’70.

“It will be good for Varese because at least 100 people will be staying in various hotels in town,” adds Romani. ”This can also give some notoriety to this little Varesian’s gem that is Campo dei Fiori, which has been looking for a new start for a while now. This production could bring our hotel to an international status.“

The director Guadagnino has shared his own approach regarding this work, without replying to the Argento family directly. “I wanna create a tribute because watching Suspiria by Dario Argento was, for me, a fundamental experience. I think it even had an impact on who I am today. I saw the movie when I was fourteen, but even before seeing it, I’ve been enchanted and shocked by the poster – I was only ten! I saw this young ballerina with her injured head tilted back, the blood flowing freely down her body and sex. Even though I had my own set of images in my head, I kept going back to that one. All the time.”

Second Article:

Hotel Campo dei Fiori, in Varese, is gonna be the set of the remake of Suspiria, the biggest Italian horror classic and one of the most known movies by Dario Argento. The cast is about to come as well, cast which include the female lead of Fifty Shades of Grey Dakota Johnson and Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. The movie director is gonna be Luca Guadagnino, known for movies like ‘I Am Love’ and ‘A Bigger Splash’, with Tilda Swinton as one of the lead actors as well. Luca is gonna be directing a new version of Suspiria, originally in theaters in 1977, inspired by a Thomas de Quincey novel. Dario Argento, a master of Italian horror, has shot some of the scariest scenes in a dancing classroom, in which took place mysterious deaths, weird disappearances and black magic, scenes that now might be shot at the Hotel Campo dei Fiori, a natural area most visited by people living in Varese. In the following weeks, once the deal with this property is sealed, the crew is gonna start to get ready for the future filming process which, as it seems, is gonna last for about four months.

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Dakota shared New Video with Friend on Instagram + Snapchat Video

Un vídeo publicado por Dakota Johnson (@dakotajohnson) el

From tobiasjessojr on Snapchat



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New Intagram Picture posted by Dakota

@dakotajohnsonThe same but different 🦄

Jamie Dornan talks about "Fifty Shades" and working with Dakota with GMA

At 2:50

Jamie: “We have a lot of fun together. Dakota’s funny. We’ve been through this mad journey together. I’m very thankful that I’ve done it with someone who’s easy to do it with, because it could’ve been a very different experience had we not got on.”

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Rita Ora mentions Dakota with Cosmopolitan UK Magazine


“I get so nervous because I care so much. Sometimes I get nervous about recording a song in the studio. I’m like, ‘Fai, I’m not ready to record this yet.’” Fai nods. “Or, ‘I don’t think I can do this.’ So I’m relieved that I have people around me who encourage me to do well, like Fai and Dakota Johnson (her Fifty Shades co-star), who’s a good friend.”

“It [Fifty Shades Darker/Freed] was 4.30am wake-up calls and 7pm finishes. I love working with Dakota Johnson and there are some great new recruits like Kim Basinger. I didn’t speak to her, but just looked at her from afar, like, ‘You’re really cool.’”

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