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New Fan Picture of Dakota in Milan, Italy on September 21st, 2017.

New Fan Pictures of Dakota in Milan, Italy today [September 23rd, 2017]


New Interview of Dakota with Hiamag

Translated by us

In New York and Los Angeles, and the sleeping Italian Florence among the most beautiful water and fruit trees, I met the charming star "Dakota Johnson", five times on three different occasions in less than one month, and not every time as the other, as if four women were in one body and one soul, and after each she used to ask a lot of questions from girlfriends and friends who asked about the nature of the glamor that filled people in her controversial film series Fifty Shades Of Grey for adults only. There is no room here to answer all these questions, but very briefly I can say that I found out about her it is more beautiful, form and content, more transparent, a wonderful model of the star modest, simple and smart, very educated, who knows what she wants, and she inherited from her parents the best qualities.

Dakota from Hollywood's royal family, her mother Melanie Griffith and her father Don Johnson. She was on screen with her mother in "Alabama" in 1999. She later took part in many works, most notably starring in the romantic drama "Fifty Shades of Grey."

First, what prompted you to go into acting?

Dakota: I grew up in a house that loved the world of film and cinema, which made me dream of participating in acting. From my childhood I thought I would work in filmmaking because I grew up in the film, art and music industry. The most comfortable place for me today is the location of a film.

I think you did not have a traditional childhood because of your parents' fame and hard work. How do you remember your childhood days?

Dakota: My childhood was full of travel, and I spent it around the world between different American cities and European cities. I traveled a lot with my father to shooting sets. So I had to move among many schools, and it was difficult to make long-term friendships. But this style has earned me a world-wide culture so that I have been able to explore new cities, live interesting adventures and visit the most important museums.

How do you adapt to the lights of fame?

Dakota: I'm used to fame because of my family, but I'm still confused by the crowd.

New Behind The Scene Pictures for Gucci "Bloom"

New Fan Picture of Dakota in Milan, Italy last night [September 22nd, 2017]

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

New Interview of Dakota in Grazia Magazine - Italy


Interview translated by EDJ

In Grazia, once asked which smell she associates with happiness, Dakota says coffee. 

"We care for each other. Alessandro and I share the same values, we love the same things and both appreciate honesty and sincerity in people. It feels like Alessandro is from a whole other time, he’s a genius."

"I’ve always loved anything that had a vintage vibe. I’ve been collecting various pieces from when I was still a kid. Now I’m very lucky because I can wear magnificent clothes. I love to wear pieces that make me feel sexy. You will never see me on a Red Carpet in one of those dresses you see nowadays in which celebrities are practically half-naked."

"I think clothes are fundamental while building a character. A few times, I brought my own clothes on set to feel more at ease in the role and same goes for the hair. Sometimes I’m blonde but I am now a brunette, I might change color again someday, who knows."

"When I was a kid, I used to spend my time out in the open, surrounded by horses. Now I have a dog, but I still feel very close to nature."

"My grandma (Tippi) is the most glamorous woman I’ve ever met. She is so gorgeous and smart, a real classy woman."

"There are moments in which I feel very vulnerable, where the lack of privacy that my works involves feels unbearable, a real invasion. There are moments in which I realize it’s all part of the game, it happens, I gotta deal with it. I'm in the middle, I know how fame works. I’ve felt this invasion of privacy twice in my life; first with my parents and now with me. But when I was a kid and my parents were at the top of their careers, phones weren’t used to take pictures and there was no social media."

"I love Luca, I wanna marry him! I know he's in love w/ Tilda Swinton, but I love her too. I know it could be a messy but well, I love Luca."

"It’s true (that she has said she loves Italian men). Maybe it’s because I have an European mentality or I was Italian in a past life. 'But yeah, I love both of them (Luca & Alessandro) and I have a similar friendship with the both of them."

On Suspiria: "We shot in Varese, and it was an incredible experience. Very tiring and intense, but also exciting. I play a ballerina, Susan Bannion, Suzy for her friends. Before we started shooting, I had to train and study ballet and on set I was always with a choreographer. Working on the dancing part was a work on its own, completely different yet complementary to the acting one. My body felt it, though. I lost a lot of weight, I was tired and sore, but there I knew the suffering & dignity dancers possess."


New Fan Picture of Dakota in Milan, Italy today [September 20th, 2017]

New Pictures of Dakota at La Briciola Restaurant in Milan, Italy today [September 20th, 2017]


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Pictures + Videos of Dakota at the Gucci SS18 After-Party in Milan, Italy tonight [September 20th, 2017]



Dakota at the Gucci SS18 in Milan, Italy today [September 20th, 2017]

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New "Inside And Out" Behind The Scene Picture

New Quote of Dakota in ELLE Magazine - Spain {October 2017}



Dakota about the Campaign "Inside and Out": "It sends a very important message. Most of the time, sensuality has nothing to do with nudity. I think we all like to wear lingerie for ourselves, not for others. Feminism is not only based on the fact that a woman can do what she wants, but also be respected and encouraged to fulfill her wishes, in all areas."

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Instagram Picture of Dakota's New Tattoo

New Interview of Dakota with InStyle Magazine - Germany {October 2017}


Translated by Us

You are the face of the new Gucci perfume "Bloom", reminiscent of a lush flower garden. Which garden has a special place in your heart?

Dakota: The one from our home in Colorado, where I grew up. In a hidden part ran a river, it was very muddy and rocky. As a child I played a lot there. I will never return, but I often think of it.

And your first memory of the label Gucci?
Dakota: A black, tight-fitting dress with a silver belt from the 80s, which my mother recently wanted to sort out. Of course I took it immediately.

What happens to clothes that you no longer wear?
Dakota: I put everything on a large heap and let my sisters see through it. What they do not take, I give it to charities like Good Will or to a women's house in LA.

Do you engage in other activities?
Dakota: Yes. I work with Action in Africa. Sarah, my best friend from children's days, founded the organization ten years ago when she was 17. She flew to Uganda at that time and built up a school, now she lives there.

With all the good will: what part will you never give away?
Dakota: There are almost many problems with this. Like the giant vintage Rock'n'Roll fur yacht I've capped as a teenager and never wear.

What does fashion mean to you in general?
Dakota: Well, the way you dress is, after all, a lot about who you are and how you should be seen.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

HQ Picture of Dakota at the private opening of Sascha von Bismarck debut photography collection PERFUME in LA last night [September 7th, 2017]


New Interview + Behind The Scene of Dakota for the Intimissimi Campaign "Inside And Out" [Vanity Fair Italy]



Translated by us

What did you think about how much the storyboard of the campaign had hugged you?

Dakota: I fully share the spirit of this operation. I like the fact that speaks of the essence of a woman in its entirety, without limiting in its appearance. I always have a special relationship with what I wear under my dress. I like to choose beautiful pieces and think about how my body is made, it makes me proud to be a woman. But I'm fascinated by the fact that a hidden detail remains, just for me.

What do you mean?

Dakota: Every day I make an effort to protect my privacy: for me it is very important that everything that concerns my tried, does not bend. Also for this reason, I felt comfortable working on this "story" that wants to transmit something without making it explicit.

Second, why do women choose their underwear well, even though they know that maybe their partner does not care much more on that?

Dakota: I always thought it was a way to feel more secure and to seduce ourselves first. If those who are close to us know what we are wearing, then better still.

Do not put everything on show leaves room for unpredictability. Does it enjoy it?

Dakota: I'm always curious about the unexpected experiences: they are a source of inspiration to learn new ones.

New Behind The Scene Picture of Dakota for the Intimissimi Campaign "Inside And Out" [Grazia Magazine Italy]

Grazia Magazine Italy
Quote: "Celebrating women and their achievements is a goal that I share."

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Petra Collins mentions Dakota in New Interview


Petra has, in fact, been described as Gucci Bloom's "symbol of vitality" and after speaking we can't help but imagine that Allesandro must have made up his mind about her from the first time they met two years ago, when Petrawalked in his Fall/Winter '16 show. "I was very lucky to have first met him in his studio, because that was like an introduction into his mind," Petra told us. "Allesandro loves strong people and really respects artists. I think that in Hari, Dakota and myself, he saw three strong women who are doing something different in their respective fields; I think that's what excited him about each of us."

As far as filming the commercial went, Petra told us that one of the reasons it is so believable is because the three women were already friends. "That’s why it was so fun to film; because it was literally three friends hanging out! This is why I think the ad feels so sweet and intimate and special - we were actually having fun!" In truth, the advertisement is a beautiful piece of filmmaking - and quite a departure from the hyper-sexualized advertisements that are usually associated with fragrances - and we can't help but comment that, while watching it, you almost smell the fragrance notes wafting through the strong visuals.

New Promotional Pictures of Gucci Bloom + Old Picture now Bigger